Thursday, January 19, 2012

Urban Photo Diaries

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Walking around downtown Seattle, we investigated what an urban city really meant to us. Although we initially thought of highrise buildings and large groups of people hurriedly walking along the sidewalk, we looked closer at the whole picture of urbanism and the unplanned city. We went downtown to Pike Place Public Market and observed all the action of everyday life that seems to be part of a larger spectacle.

The numerous street shows demonstrate clever interactions between people and city. The informality of the entertainment attracts the attention of both tourists and locals that circulate with in this area. These events are temporary, transforming simple sidewalks to micro-urban theaters. This type of informal urbanism is well appreciated in places like the Public Market in downtown Seattle.

The multiple layers of informal space change the appearance of the area according to the activity of the moment, constantly in flux and in tune with the pulse of the city. Magicians, singers and comedians captivated audiences and in turn realized economic niches for themselves by receiving donations from observers. Street entertainment is a clear example of everyday urbanism- a critical component of city fabric.

Biruk B, Chiu-Hau C, Jorge G

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