Thursday, January 19, 2012

Changing Surfaces

Changing Surfaces

Connor McGarry & Aimee Rozier

The focus of this photo diary is to bring attention to people’s ability to repurpose a space; whether it is intentional or not. Do It Yourself (DIY) Urbanism is about people’s perception and alteration of spaces to meet their needs.

Simply taping the word “love” over a conventional “way” on a one way sign can alter the meaning of the sign entirely (1/11/11). This sign, on 47th and 19th, exemplifies how a single word can change a person’s entire outlook of a space/progression of space. Easy as it is to discern that the sign has been altered, it is the next step that changes the way people think about this ordinary sign they normally see all over the city. Do you trust the sign and proceed as usual? Or do you discount the signs reputability and proceed in another fashion with caution. A simple change in surface calls into question the validity of something normally taken for granted.

The graffiti on the old TUBS building, at 50th and Roosevelt, expands further than the actual structure, marking the trees and mailbox on the street as well as the external utilities (1/11/11). The entire area has been transformed into a medium for graffiti artists. Here the change in surface is remarkable, the many layers of paint exhibit the personalities of numerous taggers. It is interesting to note that a sort of “critical mass” has been established here, where the surrounding buildings are left relatively “untarnished”, this is most likely due to a de jure ruling, labeling the TUBS building as set aside as a graffiti canvas.

The negative spaces between the painted pipes and wheels at Gasworks Park transition from children’s play area during the day into makeshift bedrooms and safe storage areas for the homeless at night(1/18/11).

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