Thursday, January 19, 2012

Urban Diary: Places of Color

By Caleb Shih & Ben Morgen

The blandness of the urban cityscape seems to be an epidemic running through modern city design. Where once proud neighborhoods stood, never ending overlap of grey pavement and run down commerce can be found fight to encroach. Conformity and unconsciousness has lead to a disconnected citizen body, where community is not felt and responsibility is not taken. However In the University District one of Seattle’s busiest neighborhoods community members have taken a stand to characterize and personalize their urban space implementing the simple notion of color and grandeur to scream out against the dull gray landscape. In locations around the neighborhood such as on University and 41st or 15th and 8th, artists have gifted the community with gigantic murals of color. These statements are not only beautifully striking in their artistic presence, but have become landmarks giving the University District beautiful places of interests and reorganization. With a personality and places of reference the University District does not have to be a place know for weary student zombies march to lectures or bums asking for money, but a peaceful place of color and creation, where the artistic and concerned citizen is just a strong as the academic community.

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